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Athletic Surface Paving

For schools at all levels of the educational ladder, having well-built areas for exercise and sports activities is a necessity. This is also true of house of worship and local parks as encouraging our young to be active and healthy is a high priority for our society. Corporations and other locations that serve adults are also looking to offer areas at their locations where their employees and patrons can exercise and participate in athletic activities for fun, fitness and relaxation. Regardless of where these areas are constructed and used, their very foundation is often a paved surface.

The construction of paved athletic surfaces is a science that requires a high degree of technical knowledge and equipment. All Long Island athletic surfaces require a minimum one percent pitch. Which means across 10 feet of asphalt the change in gradation is one inch. You could imagine how technical this could be, and Pioneer has this science mastered. Pioneer Asphalt has played a major role in the construction of athletic surfaces such as basketball courts, handball courts, tennis courts and running tracks. Since its inception in 1982 Pioneer has paved Hundreds of Athletic Surfaces. For over 30 years we have been called upon by school districts, state and local parks departments, houses of worship, condominium complexes and corporations who have a need for properly built athletic surfaces that will provide safe areas for exercise and competition.

Our company prides itself on the breadth of knowledge, experience, and equipment that we bring to the table for such projects. We can help you to design whatever surface you desire to meet the needs of those who will use them, providing a safe and quality location for the very best in athletic endeavor. Along with basic construction we can also prepare the surfaces with any markings or coatings to facilitate a quality exercise and competitive experience.

Whether you need a running track, basketball or tennis court or any other athletic surface to meet the exercise and competitive needs of your students, employees or patrons, Pioneer Asphalt should be your first call.

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