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Construction Maintenance

Long Island Commercial Construction MaintenanceRegardless of how well it was constructed or how new it is, every paved surface that experiences maximum levels of traffic as well as constant exposure to the elements will need maintenance. And traffic and the elements are just two of the potential causes for damage and deterioration of paved surfaces of all types. As experts in constructing paved surfaces such as parking areas, roadways, athletic surfaces and walking paths, Pioneer Asphalt has a vast knowledge of what will cause damage and deterioration of these surfaces. More importantly, we know how to maintain these surfaces over the long run to mitigate damage as well as the best practices in repairing the damage so that it is less likely to happen again in the future.

The reality is that everything breaks down with age. In the case of paved surfaces that are constantly being assaulted by vehicle traffic, foot traffic and the elements, this is visually evident to everyone in their daily travels. Add into these pollution (airborne pollution is the cause of acidic rain fall), various vehicle fluids leaking from numerous cars and trucks, accidents where the paved surface can be compromised as a result of the accident, these can all contribute to the breakdown of paved surfaces.

Because of our 30 plus years of experience, we have seen it all and we have learned the best ways to not only repair damage but to maintain paved surfaces so that the various causes of damage and deterioration are mitigated. Also, because of our experience and knowledge, using us as your paved surface maintenance provider can help to save you money in the long run. Having your own maintenance personnel on staff is often a luxury most organizations cannot afford. Finding personnel who all have vast experience in the multitude of areas where you need maintenance services is a difficult proposition. The reality is that of all the potential maintenance projects you will deal with on a regular basis, paved surface maintenance is one of the ones that do not require full time staff. By engaging Pioneer Asphalt to provide your maintenance services, you pay only when you need the help.

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