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Long Island Multi-Family Housing Paving

The first paved surface most people think of in terms of housing is pathways that lead to the entrances of the buildings. These can be made of a variety of materials including poured cement, asphalt and paving stones. Additional aspects include stairways and wheelchair ramps for maximum accessibility. The next surface that is thought or are parking areas. Whether these may be individual driveways, large communal parking spaces or even parking structures, the premium is on functional design and quality construction. After these two, pathways and other paved surfaces such as athletic courts and sidewalks complete the family of paved surfaces that can make up Long Island multi-family housing paving projects.

To ensure that the look of the entire project when completed is uniform and pleasant to the eye, a paved surfaces construction company should have experience in working on projects that bring these varying but similar parts together. Pioneer Asphalt has over 30 years of success and experience helping to complete project such as gated-communities, condominium complexes, apartment buildings and other multi-family projects. Our vast and varied experience in all areas of paving allow us to bring the project to completion, providing paved surfaces that offer the highest quality and greatest functionality while requiring minimal maintenance to keep them in top shape.

For multi-family facilities that need to have their various paved surfaces refurbished or replaced, our teams of professionals can complete any job while mitigating any inconvenience to the daily life of residents. We can also recommend improvement and additions that will increase the quality of life for residents as well as making the entire facility more attractive to prospective residents. Whether you are building a new multi-family residence or you are looking to refresh and re-invigorate your existing complex, Pioneer Asphalt is the partner that will bring your vision to life.