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Long Island Parking Lot Paving

Long Island Parking Lot PavingParking lots have always been, and continue to be, our specialty. Since 1982 we have constructed and maintained thousands of parking spaces. No matter the size, we strive to provide the very best value and service every time. Long Island Parking lot paving is unique. Most contractors that do highway paving do not have the proper equipment, motivation, or know-how to properly pave parking lots. Likewise, most residential driveway contractors do not have the proper equipment or know-how to properly pave parking lots.

With over 30 years of experience building parking areas of various shapes and sizes for everything from convenience stores, commercial building to schools to hospitals to sports arenas in Suffolk & Nassau County, NY we know what we need to anticipate and account for in each situation.

Light, medium, and heavy duty traffic, drainage, traffic patterns, accessibility for special needs vehicles, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, access for mass transit, ratio of employees to visitors; these are just some of the varying factors that come into play when constructing a parking lot. Too often we observe premature damage caused by a garbage truck making single weekly visits. This occurs when the parking lot was not built to withstand heavy loads. Once the parking area is designed and the materials to be used are chosen, we begin construction in a way that will allow us to finish the work so that it fits within the schedule for the completion of the overall project.

If you project requires parking space of any size, come to the people who know how to get the job done on time and on budget. Call Pioneer Asphalt for the parking lot that will service your needs now and in the future.