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Long Island Pathway & Trailway Paving

Long Island PathwayWhile most people think of paths and trail ways as something found in a rural setting or within the confines of a local park, more and more campus-style facilities are looking to integrate paved paths and trail ways so as to not upset any natural areas of beauty that are part of their overall facility.

Unlike a standard sidewalk that might be part of a parking area, paths and trail ways are meant to be more in tune with their surroundings. The materials used to create them is just part of it, since some projects may call for asphalt, paving stones, poured cement or a combination of all three to complete the project. Another aspect is the pitch of the path or trail way to be built as many large campus-style projects may want any path or trail way to conform to the natural topography of the location rather than having each part level throughout.

With over 30 years of experience as a provider of paved construction services to Long Island and the five boroughs, we have in-depth experience in creating paths and trail ways in large campus sites such as state and local parks, medical facilities, large corporate campuses Golf Courses and industrial parks as well as university, college and private school campuses. Our knowledge has allowed us to consult with our clients to create the best possible design and then to construct the design to specifications. Paths and trail ways such as these, like parking lots, require special amenities to meet the needs of special needs individuals and others who have difficulty with some aspects of paths and trails. Wheelchair ramps, custom railings on steps and other such amenities are also specialties of ours.

When you are looking to build a campus-size facility that requires people to travel between locations without the use of their vehicles, Pioneer Asphalt should be your first call to ensure that you have the highest quality paths and trail ways for every unique need.